Information fatigue

Ora ho dato un nome ai periodi in cui mi tocca andare a caccia della mia voglia di bloggare.

Information fatigue

Apathy, indifference, or mental exhaustion arising from exposure to too much information, esp. (in later use) stress induced by the attempt to assimilate excessive amounts of information from the media, the Internet, or at work.

1991 Daily Tel. 4 Feb. 19/4 Most not, in fact, wish to be told what is happening. Perhaps they are suffering from war information fatigue. 1991 E. European Business Law Sept. 6/2 It would be quite impossible to be bored by the book, though one might suffer information fatigue. 1996 Guardian (Nexis) 5 Nov. T2 Knowledge, as never before, is power. In the end, information fatigue may be a small price to pay for preserving it. 2002 Managem. Today (Nexis) 31 Oct. 37 Scratch the surface of current debates about information fatigue, time squeeze, work/life balance or productivity and you quickly see that we’re often talking about energy.

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Ha vinto Beghemot fornendo la supertecnica risposta (un sentito grazie al fratello che è del ramo): reggipoplite!

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